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Windows PC Softphone

Our new SIP Softphone is designed with the intent to replace the desktop telephone and convert a PC in the virtual telephone with its advanced and feature rich capabilities. The Free SIP Softphone is armed with all the latest technology from the VoIP system. With the superior voice transfer quality and other essential and added features of the VoIP Softphone, the AZN Global  SIP Softphone has all the capabilities of being the robust product in the contemporary SIP VoIP Softphone arena.

The freedom of communicating anytime and anywhere from PC to PC and from PC to phone through the SIP based VoIP gateway provider and by using this VoIP Softphone software can let you enjoy the excellent communicating experience. Easy to deploy and use, this software is really a user’s delight. Available to download for demo, it is worth giving a try.

The AZN Global SIP softphone is simple and easy to use while giving you everything you need to facilitate communication around the office. Audio quality is exceptionally good and the program is fully compatible with a number of different SIP servers.

  • Quick and simple installation: Simply download the file and follow the installation wizard. In just a few short clicks you’ll be up and running
  • Substantial savings: By moving to a softphone and utilizing VoIP software you stand to save big on monthly telephone bills
  • Open-platform: This softphone can utilize software advances from any open-source solution, allowing it to work with most major VoIP providers.
  • Intuitive interface: The simple dial pad and buttons makes this softphone incredibly easy to use
  • Network wide installation: An in-built MSI installation package allows for easy integration across your entire network
  • Completely free: The AZN Global softphone is 100% free which saves you licensing costs and licensing administration fees

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